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    How to make my portfolio?

    Before explaining step by step how to make a portfolio, we will answer the question:

    Why make a portfolio? 

    A portfolio allows you to present yourself and your work. It is a showcase, a business card and a library.

    It is the page that will be systematically asked before starting the first steps to work with you.

    A future client should be able to identify your personality and skills with your portfolio.

    As you understand, a portfolio is essential and that is why we will explain how to create a good portfolio!

    Prepare your best presentation

    You want to showcase your YouTube montages? Before that, you need to introduce yourself. Your future clients need to know who they will be working with.

    We advise you to prepare a clear and concise presentation. No need to talk about all your past experiences, it's not a resume, but a portfolio.

    For example, you can say what city you work in; where your passion for editing comes from; how many years you have been editing YouTube videos; why your future clients should trust you.

    Don't hesitate to add a picture of yourself and if you are shy, you can take a picture of yourself in front of your screen while editing a video for example.

    Select your best projects

    You should select projects that you are proud of, projects that showcase your work and skills.

    If you have made several YouTube videos for a videographer, don't put them all in. Choose the one that gave you the most challenge and shows several of your skills (VFX, SFX, transitions, etc.).

    Try to vary the projects, if you have several videos that deal with different subjects, this is where you will make the difference! You will show your future client that you can make videos in completely different areas without difficulty.

    Also, if you are doing shorts or reels, put them forward as well. This is a very popular format in recent years and your profile could be more interesting than another.

    What if I'm just starting out and haven't done any pro projects yet?

    You don't need clients to make your portfolio!

    You can share personal projects, projects you have done for fun or to improve your skills.

    This is a classic way to make a good portfolio. If you have skills, but you don't have the opportunity to express them through client projects. It's extremely important to realize them through personal projects to create a portfolio that really reflects your skills!

    Choose the right platform

    IlIt is now time to choose your platform and start uploading your portfolio.

    You can use the playlist function of YouTube and create a playlist: My montages.

    This will allow you to populate your playlist directly with videos from creators you have helped. It's a great way to show your skills and the reach of YouTube videos.

    If you want a more professional look, I advise you to create a showcase site with a CMS (content management system), like Wordpress or Webflow. You can have nice templates and you don't necessarily need to be strong in development.

    This will allow you to have a website with your name on it and to be more easily found by your potential customers.

    Add your contact information

    You have just written your presentation and your projects. Now a potential client is interested in your profile? You have to give them all the means to contact you.

    You have to think about all the people who would like to get in touch with you. Some are more comfortable by email, others by phone.

    It is therefore important to provide your email address via a contact form and also directly written on your website; your phone number; your social networks and we advise you a direct link via WhatsApp Business!

    Promote your portfolio

    You have made your portfolio directly via a YouTube playlist? Put this playlist in your email signature and share it on social networks.

    You have a website with a portfolio section? Like the YouTube playlist, incorporate it in an email signature, your social networks and also your entourage.

    Tips: Pay great attention to the SEO of your site, which will allow you to be highlighted in Google searches.

    As you have understood, having a portfolio is essential to find clients and maintain your image.

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