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    Discover our trainers: Yhaniss Henni

    At The Creative Academy, we are proud to offer the best in creative and digital education! Our teams, composed of professionals and content creation enthusiasts, accompany our students and share their know-how with the goal of helping them progress every day. In our series of articles, we will introduce you to the teams that make up this creative academy, starting with Yhaniss Henni, trainer of the YouTube Editor Bootcamp.

    Who is Yhaniss ?


    Yhaniss is one of the latest trainers to join Rémi's team and The Creative Academy. He mainly evolves within the YouTube Editor Bootcamp, dedicated to video editing, but also intervenes on different subjects within the academy. 

    At the beginning of his professional career, he first experimented different jobs related to the audiovisual industry, for example, he was a set assistant, sound engineer, cameraman, etc... He also worked in various fields before becoming a trainer. Today, he is not only in charge of developing the contents of the bootcamp, but he also animates the courses through workshops and accompanies the students in their journey through group events or individual sessions! 

    To learn more about his background, we invite you to watch his video interview!




    Créative et passionnée, Conny est l'experte tendances et réseaux sociaux chez The Creative Academy ! Toujours à l'affût de nouveautés, elle aime créer, animer et optimiser sa stratégie de contenus, en répondant toujours aux attentes de nos lecteurs.