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    Discover the portrait of Adham!

    In the USA, you probably don’t know his name, but the profile we're going to share with you today has worked with more than 500 youtubers, including the most popular French creators!


    Meet Adham Hassan, founder of OKA Media and co-founder of The Creative Academy!


    Before creating OKA Media, a startup that produced videos for the biggest content creators in France and the Creative Academy, Adham was first and foremost a YouTube and video editing enthusiast, as he started editing at the age of 12!


    In this interview, he explains his atypical path, his beginning with his channel Best Of Sardoche, how he met the (future) first employee of OKA Media but also his entrepreneurial journey and the creation of OKA Media.


    Here is the full video of his interview and see you very soon for more stories!





    Créative et passionnée, Conny est l'experte tendances et réseaux sociaux chez The Creative Academy ! Toujours à l'affût de nouveautés, elle aime créer, animer et optimiser sa stratégie de contenus, en répondant toujours aux attentes de nos lecteurs.